Date 04-Sept 2013

Have you seen the new KitKat website? very well made! and fun to browse through….a great marketing tool for a brand that needs no introduction.

Date 2-July 2013

Editing these pretty pretty food pictures, I am almost starving besides salivating! #confessions #Design #Branding


Date 20-June 2013

The most vibrant economies have a thriving Small and medium businesses. SMB’s are infact considered the backbone of US economy for the sheer number of employment opportunities provided. As an owner of SMB would know, running the business has its own challenges. Specially when it comes to processes and systems. Not all the data management can be done via spreadsheets and word documents that reside on one of the computers in the premises which might not have enough security or back-ups and not to forget getting in to office to do the minutest work.  When we were approached by a SMB owner in HK, we analyzed the process of the business and came up with a system that is cloud-based ( mitigates the worries of back-ups and securities), simple and efficient. The system is easily scalable to suit any other business requirements and very flexible. The cost is on monthly basis and easy on pockets. You can even use it on mobile devices. If you are interested to know more on our development capabilities, please call (852) 6906 8222 or email
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Date 10-May 2013

Bloomberg gets the idea of “DIGITAL” MARKETING

Rarely can I get to office without hearing or seeing Susan Lee on Bloomberg in the mornings. I take the MTR, ride the double-decker bus or even mini-bus, there is always someone next to you watching Bloomberg on their ipads or smart phones  and not to forget the giant screens on MTR that telecast Bloomberg live. Today as I made my way through the long line at starbucks, grabbed my coffee and sat down waiting for my first appointment at 9am , I saw a middle-aged man seated across me browsing through Bloomberg ,checking the price of dollar to yen. I thought why not try to figure out if HK really is a finance-news hungry city or is there something else happening here. As I prod the gentleman, I realized that Bloomberg as a company is doing a good job of providing information and access to its viewers in all formats and at all times in a very engaging way.


A little research back at the office revealed that they have a very comprehensive digital footprint. Starting with their website which is very current, well laid out and has all the cross-marketing references to their latest mobile app, magazine etc. check their website to see the effortless cross-selling

When I download their mobile app onto my Samsung galaxy s4, I get a very clean and stable app that shows a watered down version of website but again everything is perfectly laid out and easy to use.


Their app for ipads works like a charm too. While testing out their digital platforms, I noticed that their anchors do a good job of promoting twitter handles, available apps, businessweek magazines etc. I congratulate the team that runs Bloomberg digital marketing, they have done a great job at not only planting the brand in the right channels but also holding up the viewership well.

Bloomberg app


I now am trying to think of any other news channels or broadcast media companies that are anywhere near in their strategic digital  marketing.

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Date 10-May 2013

A very intelligent and innovative marketing!


Date 18-April 2013

It’s all about the impression, Silly!

This is not the time to take impressions lightly. Let us help you guide on creating right impressions of your brand on right devices and reach out to the right target customers.

Date 27-March 2013

Why is it important to measure ?

Ok, you now have a website that looks good, sends across the message to your potential customers on what you offer, lists all the good things about the products you offer, how they can be bought, a few testimonials too and then what? Should you just sit and wait for customers to visit your site? Hell no, you should market crazy. Ok, lets assume you do a good job at marketing your products, then what? What most businesses miss out is measuring their marketing efforts. Not just measuring but applying the learnings to better the experience for users and give them enough assurance and reasons to buy from your website.

There is one great product that enables business owners to learn how their customers visit the website, what pages they look at, from where did the customer actually come in, how much time was spent on the site and where exactly did the customer decide to leave the site by closing browser window, the name of this miracle product is GOOGLE ANALYTICS.

Google has continuously improved analytics from the clunky interface we had in early days to a great real time site analyzer. To know more on how you can integrate google analytics to your website, ways to improve your website ( be it content, landing pages etc) and a free demo please give us a call at (852) 6906 8222 or email us at


Date 19-Feb 2013



Date 21-Jan 2013


A new novel concept in to launch in Hong Kong and we thrilled to be their partners on branding. Watch this space for more on our kick-ass designs for their logo, website, online-shop, brochures etc. wohooo..





Date 01-Jan 2013













Date 20-Dec 2013

Something to note for all Business owners out there thinking of moving online

 Congratulations! you have decided to enter the digital era by deciding to open an eshop.
Each time a new client walks into our office with a thought of opening online shop that is 24*7, no astronomical rentals to cough up or no salespeople to hire , we are super thrilled. We sit with them and explain how exactly an eshop works, what are the achievable targets  provided a right marketing strategy is put in place .  When we come to the point where we say we will include a intelligent tool to track the point where a potential customer drops out, they squirm. Wouldn’t a shop owner want to know why someone who walked into their store, picked up an item, walked a few steps towards the billing counter , all of sudden turned back , hurriedly abandoned the item and ran away from the store? For exact same reasons, all existing or future online shop owners must consider to measure the shopping cart abandonment rate and what can be done to convert .
Here is an interesting ebook , Hope you benefit from this. enjoy!
White paper – ecommerce



Date 13-Dec 2012

Mobile devices out there in the market

 One word – exhaustive!

Date 30-Nov 2012

How to attract customer with Facebook?

A very interesting e-book from the good folks at Hubspot on how to attract customers with facebook. A key to every good marketing strategy is reaching out to the right segment.  How many times have we wondered how to reach a certain age range of customers? gender? race? …… with the targeting capabilities that facebook already provides marketers, we can bid goodbye to the tedious persona building process.

For more interesting bits, read the e-boox how to attract customers with facebook


Date 27-Nov 2012

How long does it take to build an iOS or Android App?


Infographic from Kinvey on how long it really takes to build an app. very cool.


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